Visagie Allround met branchediploma
Visagie Basis
Schoonheidsspecialist – ANBOS erkend
Permanente Make-Up
Ombré Powder Brows
Lippigmentatie: Full Lips
Eye Liner + Infra Liner
Microblading Allround
Microneedling Skin Expert
Microneedling BB Glow Expert
Combi Microneedling Skin & BB Glow Expert
Plasma Lift
Plasma Lift
Hairstyling Allround
Kappersopleiding Allround
Bridal Hairstyling
Bridal Hairstyling 1 - Professional
Bridal Hairstyling 2 - Advanced
Step in Training
Barber Allround
Nagelstyling Allround
Wimperextensions Allround
One by One Lashes
Volume Lashes 2D- 6D
Perfectie Training
Combi Make-Up & Hair


Materiaal en productkennis
Morfologie; gezichtsvormen en oogvormen
Werkvolgorde en Hygiëne
Wenkbrauwen epileren en vormgeven
Accentueren en camoufleren
Correcties met foundation
Lippen herkennen en corrigeren
Shape & Highlight
Dagmake-up en avondmake-up
Make-up voor de rijpere huid
Make-up voor brildragende modellen




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Basic's Make-up Course

Try it out!

Would you like an introduction/taster to our Allround Make-up Artist Course? Then the Basic’s of Make-up Course is the course for you!

The basic’s of make-up course contains the first 10 lessons from the allround accredited Make-up Artist course. Should you then want to move onto the accredited Allround Make-up Artist this can easily be arranged.

Take a look at our students work for an impression of all the make-up artists who have gone before you!

Prior Education
There are no specific prior education requirements for the Allround Make-up Artist course. Everyone is welcome, young and old!

Duration and Study Load
The basic’s of make-up artist course is a basis course and consists of 10 lessons. Each lesson is 3 hours and can be followed in the afternoon or evening. The student should take a study load of 3 hours per week into account. You study and practice at home.

Branche Valued Certificate
After the completion of the The Basic’s of Make-up Course you will receive a branche valued certificate from Facefacts Academy - Beautyschool.

Student Kit
At Facefacts Academy you can choose from two student kits. A professional student kit from Make-up Studio or you can choose a unique student kit from M.A.C. Cosmetics.

What Facefacts Academy – Beautyschool and M.A.C. Cosmetics offers you extra:

A student lab in the M.A.C. Cosmetics Pro Store with a trend workshop at
the start of the course. Become acquainted the products and be inspired!
During the student lab you get 30% off all products on the day
You receive 40% off the M.A..C. Starter package from Facefacts Academy
You are able to apply for a free student ProMember Card and receive 20%
off M.A.C. products for a year
A M.A.C. Pro Masterclass at the end of the course for all the students who
have passed with an accredited diploma
Facefacts Academy can select certain students to participate in the
Recruitment Days with an eventual job selection for M.A.C. Cosmetics

The student kit from M.A.C. Cosmetics can be ordered for an extra cost of €375,00 from Facefacts Academy - Beautyschool.

You can also follow the course Combi Make-up & Hair and become even more allround and increase your market value!


The total costs of the Basic’s of Make-Up Course are € 1495.00.

The costs include the student kit and theory material. When choosing a student kit from MAC Cosmetics there is an additional price of € 375.00.
This training can be paid in installments. Facefacts Academy is a CRKBO accredited trainer, so our fees are exempt from VAT.

Look here for dates, rates and (payment) conditions.
Download the registration form ‘The Basic’s of Make-Up Course’ here.